Kidd  Wadsworth

The Wolf of Gubbio

In the 1200’s, a town in Italy is plagued by a marauding wolf. When the head of the town dispatches soldiers into the forest to kill the wolf, the unthinkable happens. The wolf kills the soldiers. In desperation, the people send for St. Francis of Assisi knowing he can speak to the animals. Expecting St. Francis to order the wolf to leave, the townspeople are livid when he entreats them“feed the wolf.” “If we feed it,” they protest, “it will stay!” Two men dare to follow the saint’s advice. They sneak out into the night to bring the wolf food. Will the wolf eat them? Or will the power of love transform the wolf and the people of Gubbio?   


I've embarked on a journey to publish both my children's book, The Wolf of Gubbio, and my novel, To Kill a Dragon. I want my stories to be read, because I think they will help people. I believe we are all on a spiritual journey. I believe there is much more to life than we see with our eyes, hear with our ears, or even feel with our hearts. Life, abundant life, remains, for so many of us, hidden behind a mirage of things and goals and striving that brings neither happiness or peace. I hope you will find much in my stories to add meaning and joy to your life.

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To Kill a Dragon

Long ago the dragons numbered in the thousands. Magical people were their only food. But magic itself was dying. As fewer and fewer magical people were born, the heinous beasts starved to death. Saoirse, desperate and alone, the last magical person, knowing she is being hunted by a starving, schizophrenic dragon, and believing no one can kill a dragon, resolves to drown herself rather than be eaten. She is pulled from the water by Aonair, who magic has predestined to be her lover. His love gives her hope. They flee. But as the dragon, furious at being denied its last meal, unleashes its wrath on the people of her country and on Aonair's family, she realizes to stop the carnage, she must surrender. Saoirse walks into the dragon's mouth, slides down its throat, and finds herself in the belly of the beast, where, as she is being dissolved by stomach acids and enzymes, she discovers how to kill the dragon. But is it too late for her to survive?