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The Wolf of Gubbio
(picture book)

In the 1200’s, a town in Italy is plagued by a marauding wolf. When the head of the town dispatches soldiers into the forest to kill the wolf, the unthinkable happens. The wolf kills the soldiers. In desperation, the people send for St. Francis of Assisi knowing he can speak to the animals. Expecting St. Francis to order the wolf to leave, the townspeople are livid when he entreats them to “feed the wolf.” “If we feed it,” they protest, “it will stay!” A ten-year-old girl dares to follow the saints advice. She sneaks out into the night to bring the wolf food. Will the wolf eat her? Or will the power of love transform the wolf and the people of Gubbio?   

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2nd RR Cover.png

(adult fantasy)

Some say there was a time long ago when the dragons were wise and noble, when they lived in peace with humanity, when magic blessed every family, when healers, wind-whisperers and movers walked among the people sharing their gifts, dying only of old age.

But greed and lust for power corrupted the dragons. Secretly, they began eating magical people to boost their abilities, purloined magic the ultimate high.

Too late the dragons learned that stolen magic addicts. The more people they ate, the more their own ability to make magic atrophied until the dragons could no longer create magic within themselves. To live, they had to consume.

Then Magic, the being all thought was eternal, the primal source, began to die, and the number of magical people dwindled. Faced with starvation, the dragons ate the only magical beings they could find—each other.

We thought they were all dead.

But one starving, foul, psychotic dragon lives. It has sniffed me out.

I, Saoirse Togair, am the last magical person. 


The Dream Seer
(middle grade)

When twelve-year-old Anthony sets out to rescue his best friend, who has been kidnapped, he must choose between his natural inclination to fight the kidnapper, or the quiet voice within, telling him the man would surrender if only someone would save his dying dream.

Trained in hand-to-hand combat by his Navy SEAL father, Anthony has inherited not only his father’s athletic prowess, but also his mother’s mystical gift. Anthony can see a ghost-like personification of other people’s dreams/aspirations standing beside them. Dream Seeing imparts to Anthony great empathy. When Anthony decides to rescue his friend by following his mystical calling and saving the kidnapper’s dying dream, he finds himself fighting for his life.

Wanna be scared. 

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