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Me for President

You know those signs on doors? One says “In” and one says “Out”? But exactly half of the time, I think those signs are wrong. Stay with me here. Aren’t you always going “In”? If you’re always going thru the door, and you can’t go thru something unless you’re “In” it, you should always be going “In”. I mean, theoretically, you could be going “Out” once you’ve passed the halfway point. But unless we want the signs to electronically change when we pass exactly halfway over the threshold, we should always go “In” the “In” door, regardless of whether we are entering or leaving a building because we are always going “In” the door itself. These subtleties appear to be lost on sign makers. Many times I’ve been inside a building and I’ve tried to exit by the “In” door. Nope, won’t budge. Inevitably, a bunch of well-meaning people will point to the “In” sign over my head. Yeah, like I didn’t see it!

I’ve had a love hate relationship with signs most of my adult life. Take those diamond signs that classify chemicals. You know, the ones that say things like hazardous or oxidizer. I love those signs. I think we should use those signs to classify people. The friend who whispers about you behind your back—Toxic. The boss that plays video games on his computer all day. Obviously, an inert substance. How about the person that keeps nagging and nagging until you give in? Corrosive. Then there’s my neighbor—Irritant. Know anyone that’s explosive? I think we could abolish the entire field of psychology and just hire those sign guys to observe people and stick colored diamonds on foreheads.

But more than bad signage I detest bad drivers. That’s why, in addition to changing half of the “In” and “Out” signs, I believe every licensed driver should be issued a traffic dart gun. Here’s my idea. When you get your driver’s license, the state would give you a dart gun with three darts. These darts would have super strong suction cups on the end. When you see someone committing an obviously stupid, illegal, driving maneuver, you’d pull out the ole dart gun and stick one to the offender’s car. Three darts; automatic ticket. See a car with fifteen darts on it? Hey, it’s time to pull over, get out of the way, and let that dude drive on by. I’d even be willing to pay for my dart gun. Wow, a new source of revenue for the state. Need more darts? Make your check out to the IRS.

Why am I telling you all these things? Haven’t you guessed? November is coming up. I’m running for office. Yes, you too could have correct signage and dart guns! Vote for Kidd Wadsworth.

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Yeah - in 7thHeaven, yooNeye

can be the prez of as many

planetoids as we wanna with

YOU as queen N eye as King.

Lemme-X-plane sumtin2yoo:

Wanna gobbsa moeNmoe WooHooXtraGnarlyNRG/ adventures4eternity in 7thHeaven, girly-withe- precious-curly? WHO: yooNeye, doll. WHERE: RongWayBar, Upstairs WHEN: forever WHY: defeat-the-deviant-dudes with endorphins, beers/pretzels: we go all 'round the universe stampNout evildoers with us as wildchild, 33rd-level-ninjas! Kickin-their-botox, baby!!! Why do I promote Heaven effusively? Im a Near Death Experiencer, gorgush: who doesnt want R&R forever on the beach under a palm tree with drinks? Dude! Who DOESNT wanna be a grizzly, hypnotic, lightening-fast-ninja who puts bad guys in a fatality profusely?? ● ● You're everything to me. You're everything to God. ● ●


Background photo by Brandon Morgan on Unsplash

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